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    Adults Karate

    Many Different Styles in the One Session

    Adults Karate allows the student to try what seems to be many different styles in the one session, from stand up kickboxing attack and defense to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu groundwork and wrestling. Students may work on a boxing drill, kickboxing drill, take-down or throwing drill as well as submissions, locks and holds, grab defences and more! This is street karate!

    Our syllabus not only includes what can be described as Karate techniques and Karate Forms (or Kata), but also the principles and practices of locks & holds, throws, vital point striking, grappling, boxing, kick boxing and Muay Thai as well as traditional weaponry.


    Hence to encompass all of these elements, the term “Martial Arts” sits comfortably alongside TetsuRyu. In our dojo, students are identified by the wearing of different coloured belts to show their level or rank. Brand new students wear a white belt before progressing to yellow, orange, blue, then green, brown and finally black before commencing another journey of dan levels.


    Gradings are held to give students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in class and to progress to the next level. It is important for students to experience a feeling of “elevation” and a sense of achievement. These are held at regular intervals throughout the year, students attempt a grading when they and their instructor believe they are ready to progress to the next level, working their way through the levels at their own pace.

    After successfully completing a grading students receive the next level belt and a certificate of achievement. Usually, students attempting coloured gradings, do so at our state gradings quarterly, where students and instructors all come together from a variety of areas. This is done so to promote on going standards and ensuring that there is more formality in this important achievement.


    When grading, the essence is in competing against yourself…that is, to better your last performance, to over come fear, apprehension and indecision and to display commitment and effort. It is because of these elements that ultimately see the students reach their goals.


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